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You may have already read the 129 dataLore about the Guardians? It is now time to get these data by yourself on-site!

I will detail here the steps to follow in order to collect all the data from the Active Obelisks Alpha, Beta, & Gamma – ancient sites. Since the 2.3.0, you can now process this entirely in Solo mode.

Copy this sheet on an Excel in order to track your progression.

→ Guide to collect the 28 new data: Guide




The ship

Any ship can be used, however I’d advise you with a medium-sized solid vessel to counter the potential aggressive pilots in the vicinity; yes, you will have to brave a little the dangerous Open World. An Asp Explorer obviously does the trick, a Python, a Diamondback, a Cobra – your call. 30 LY jump add a nice comfortable touch and Sulphur/Phosphore is nice to have in order to refuel your SRV.

12 units free in cargo is recommended in case you decide to store some ancient items in your ship, it is much more convenient and quick in the long run than to mop on the ground in search of an item.

Of course, a SRV Scarab is mandatory in order to investigate.

Get the mission - Decrypting

To kick it off, it’s not necessary for you to unlock Ram Tah.

  1. Go to the MEENE system, Felice Dock or Ram Tah’s planetary base;
  2. Ram Tah will contact you and provide you with the algorithm for the Ancient Site;
  3. Go to the sites with your SRV;
  4. There are different items: Orb, Tablet, Urn, Cakset, Relic, Totem. Combine one or two of them in your SRV’s cargo hold then scan the active obelisks;
  5. Complete the scans in order to complete the mission (around ~101 successful scans)
  6. Return to MEENE, Felice Dock and earn your 10.000.000 credits! Good luck. (1M per data + 10M final reward = 111M credits)

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The ancient items

There are 6 ancient items and these are the ones allowing you to collect the valuable data of the Guardians.

You will find these items on the ancient site, on the surface of SYNUEFE TP-F B44-0 CD || 1 || 59.33 // 15.1.

  • Relic, Re (at the top of the pillars, be careful when you shoot at it)
  • Totem, To
  • Casket, Ca
  • Urn, Ur
  • Tablet, Ta
  • Orb, Or

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The clusters of obelisks

Thanks to Dognosh‘s amazing work, the guide is now simplified and allows you to follow the maps one after another!

The latter are numbered with coordinates and system information, so you just have to go there and analyse things. Don’t forget our toolbox and the fantastic EDBearing tool to easily find the ruins.

/!\ Important note: Once you scan an obelisk, you will hear the “incoming mission critical message” but wont always receive the message immediately. At this point, check your rewards and see if it has gone up by 1 million, If so, the combination was correct. The missing message will arrive on your next scan, making it seem like you got the data from the second obelisk you scanned.

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The combos

For your information, here are the combos you have done with the above maps. Combine the ancient items in your inventory and then scan the active obelisks of the different clusters. You will get some data about the Guardians and their Lore.

We successfully developed a functional algorithm and it should help us once the other sites are discovered.

Tableau Combo Alpha
Biology 1Urn + Relic
Biology 2Urn + Urn
Biology 3Urn + Casket
Biology 4Urn + Tablet
Biology 5Urn + Orb
Biology 6Urn + Totem
Culture 1Totem + Relic
Culture 2Totem + Totem
Culture 3Totem + Casket
Culture 4Totem + Urn
Culture 5Totem + Tablet
Culture 6Totem + Orb
History 1Casket
History 2Casket + Casket
History 3Casket + Urn
History 4Casket + Tablet
History 5Casket + Orb
History 6Casket + Totem
History 7Casket + Relic
Language 1Tablet
Language 2Tablet + Tablet
Language 3Tablet + Casket
Language 4Tablet + Urn
Language 5Tablet + Orb
Language 6Tablet + Totem
Language 7Tablet + Relic
Technology 1Orb
Technology 2Orb + Orb
Technology 3Orb + Casket
Technology 4Orb + Urn
Technology 5Orb + Tablet
Technology 6Orb + Totem
Tableau Combo Beta
Biology 7Urn + Relic
Biology 8Urn + Urn
Biology 9Urn + Casket
Biology 10Urn + Tablet
Biology 11Urn + Orb
Biology 12Urn + Totem
Culture 7Totem + Orb
Culture 8Totem + Totem
Culture 9Totem + Casket
Culture 10Totem + Urn
Culture 11Totem + Tablet
Culture 12Totem + Orb
Culture 13Totem + Relic
History 8Casket
History 9Casket + Casket
History 10Casket + Urn
History 11Casket + Tablet
History 12Casket + Orb
History 13Casket + Totem
History 14Casket + Relic
History 15Casket + Totem
History 16Casket + Relic
Language 8Tablet
Language 9Tablet + Tablet
Language 10Tablet + Casket
Language 11Tablet + Urn
Language 12Tablet + Orb
Language 13Tablet + Totem
Language 14Tablet + Relic
Technology 7Orb + Tablet
Technology 8Orb + Orb
Technology 9Orb + Casket
Technology 10Orb + Urn
Technology 11Orb + Tablet
Technology 12Orb + Relic
Technology 13Orb + Relic
Tableau Combo Gamma
Biology 13Urn
Biology 14Urn + Urn
Biology 15Urn + Casket
Biology 16Urn + Tablet
Biology 17Urn + Orb
Biology 18Urn + Totem
Biology 19Urn + Relic
Culture 14Totem
Culture 15Totem + Totem
Culture 16Totem + Casket
Culture 17Totem + Urn
Culture 18Totem + Tablet
Culture 19Totem + Orb
Culture 20Totem + Relic
History 17Casket + Totem
History 18Casket + Casket
History 19Casket + Urn
History 20Casket + Tablet
History 21Casket + Orb
Language 15Tablet
Language 16Tablet + Tablet
Language 17Tablet + Casket
Language 18Tablet + Urn
Language 19Tablet + Orb
Language 20Tablet + Totem
Language 21Tablet + Relic
Technology 14Orb
Technology 15Orb + Orb
Technology 16Orb + Casket
Technology 17Orb + Urn
Technology 18Orb + Tablet
Technology 19Orb + Totem
Technology 20Orb + Relic

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  • Data issued from the group of which I am a part: Canonn Research and with whom I have investigated a lot, and created the first detailed map used as a root of many researches.
  • CMDR Himeno for helping in combining combos, CMDR Mortlestiltskin, DippyNikki, Alienasa, Allocator, A_Spec, Vacaendack, …
  • Thanks to all the pilots CMDR and scientists investigating about this exciting piece of Lore and mysteries!
  • Bonus maps for the curious who read the source, by CMDR Rabbit-HH
  • NEW – Thanks to Dognosh, we now have a guide up to date! o7