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The Fleet Carrier Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Discover the Fleet Carrier, your very personal megaship offering a host of services for your pilot and other commanders.
Manage your different services, crew and adapt your Fleet Carrier to your specialization!

The Powerplay Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Learn the Powerplay strategies and pledge allegiance to a Power to become its guardian!
Finance, Fighting, Secret Operations, Humanitarian Aid: Are you doing your part, pilot?

The Complete CQC Arena Guide

Play the Close Quarter Combat Championship, a simulation created by the Federation to recruit elite combat pilots.
Improve your combat skills in these PvP arenas!

Sol – Space tourism aboard the Stellar Explorer

Commander Ronaldo Mcdonaldo introduces you to a tour of the Solar system, in details.
Come in and join the Stellar Explorer, the top 1% of all Liners out there!

The Background Simulation Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Learn how to manage the Background Simulation like an Administrator!
The BGS is a great and interesting challenge for every player groups.

Increase your FSD ships jump range – Elite: Dangerous

Jumping fast and far, the dream of all pilots to reach their destination as quickly as possible!
Learn how to prepare your ship to increase its jump range.