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Focus – The Damage

It is easy to use a weapon and to shoot but, do you know the mechanics behind these “damage”?
A guide for beginners and veterans.

The Combat Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Check out our Complete Fighter Guide and learn the ropes of the Elite pilots.
Equipment, Shields, Armour, great weapons: on the way to glory!

The Trading Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Check out our Complete Trader Guide and plan your routes toward the Elite rank!
Trading routes, security, and cargo holds are unveiling their secrets to you.

The Elite Lore

Dive into the Elite Lore and learn more about all the stories that make the game unique!
Elite: Dangerous, Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

The Materials Mining SRV Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Mining in space, we know how to do… but do you know how to mine on the surface and use your Wavescanner?
Go on an adventure with you SRV and harvest your elements!

The Engineers Materials List – Elite: Dangerous

Simplify your life with our detailed list of Materials requested by the Engineers.
Your adventures on the surface and in space begin!