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Interstellar Initiative #2 – The mysteries of the Witch Head

The Interstellar Initiative #2, Phase 2, leads us to the Witch Head nebula.
Meta-alloys, Thargoids and precious information to gather soon!

Unlocking the Technologies from the Tech Brokers

Unlock powerful technologies with the Tech Brokers: new weapons & unique modules!
These hybrid technologies Human-Guardian-Thargoids are worth your time.

Guardians Beacons and Hybrid Fighters

Discover the new Guardians Beacons and unlock new technologies like the Hybrid Guardians fighters!
Beacons, Structures, Guardian Vessels AND… a new, powerful Thargoid Interceptor: the Hydra.

The Elite Lore

Dive into the Elite Lore and learn more about all the stories that make the game unique!
Elite: Dangerous, Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

The Guardians – Collect the Guardians Structures 28 Data

Collect the 28 new Data from the Guardians Structures.
Follow the guide and get your millions… for science!

The Guardians – Lore

Explore the Guardians’ Lore in the Elite: Dangerous universe!
Tech, Culture, Biology, Lore and language.