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Sol – Space tourism aboard the Stellar Explorer

Commander Ronaldo Mcdonaldo introduces you to a tour of the Solar system, in details.
Come in and join the Stellar Explorer, the top 1% of all Liners out there!

The Elite Lore

Dive into the Elite Lore and learn more about all the stories that make the game unique!
Elite: Dangerous, Infinite Freedom. Blaze Your Own Trail.

The Thargoids – Truth and Fiction

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Truth and the Fiction about the Thargoids.
They are back, we have to learn more about them!

The History of the Alliance

The Alliance’s mission is to protect and support all those who wish to preserve their independence.
Champion of harmony and independence, it is nevertheless the fruit of unprecedented violence.

The History of the Empire

The Empire is the second Superpower in the human civilisation.
It is divided and struggling to establish its identity.

The History of the Federation

The Federation is the first Superpower of mankind.
Do you really know the dark history of this gigantic multi-corporation?