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BETA – Update June 2020 – Fleet Carrier

The Fleet Carrier Update will be available in June 2020!
In the meantime, the PC beta is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7.

Update January 2020

The January Update includes many fixes for Elite: Dangerous.
Check out the Patch Notes: Release on Tuesday, January 14!

Elite: Dangerous 2020: What’s next?

A few notes & feedback on Elite: Dangerous, its selling points.
The best is yet to come, get ready for new adventures in 2020!

The Outpost #116

The Outpost #116: your monthly booster about Elite: Dangerous and its community!
News, stories, creations and more, with Remlok Industries.

Future of Elite and Holo-Me

With the September Update, some changes have been added to the Holo-me’s scenery.
Let’s also discuss the future of Elite: Dangerous!

Update – September 2019

The September Update will bring new tutorials, the ARX currency and fixes to the game.
Elite: Dangerous will be unavailable from 8am UTC to 5pm UTC approximately, this 18 September 2019.