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Interstellar Initiative #2 – The mysteries of the Witch Head

The Interstellar Initiative #2, Phase 2, leads us to the Witch Head nebula.
Meta-alloys, Thargoids and precious information to gather soon!

Lavecon 2019 – Recap and Q&A

A recap of the information collected during the event Lavecon 2019, for Elite: Dangerous.
Devs Panel and Q&A.

The Gnosis Event & Cone Sector

The scientific vessel Gnosis was to jump to the Cone area, where many Thargoids were detected.
However it has never been said that the Gnosis would arrive safely in the Cone Sector… Science Time!

Lave Radio Network & Lave System

Lave Radio Network broke a treaty with the Alliance of Independents Systems and took control of the Alliance system: Lave.
Support Lave Jet Family and Lave Fortune Organization, reject the propaganda!

First Details about Chapter 3 Beyond

Check out the very first details about Elite: Dangerous Beyond Chapter 3, shared during the Frontier Meet in Cologne for the gamescom.

Lavecon 2018 – News Recap

A short summary of the main information shared during Lavecon 2018.
Mining & Exploration changes, new weapons, technologies and more!