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Frontier Expo 2017 – Elite: Dangerous

Sneak peek about the future of Elite: Dangerous in 3304: Beyond.
The Frontier Expo 2017 revealed some bits of content.

Lavecon 2017 – Sum-up, future of Elite

A short summary of the main information shared during Lavecon 2017.
Some new weapons, modules, features to come in 2.4.

Announcement Update 2.4 – The Return

The Thargoids are back!
Have a look at the latest events that just occurred in-game (recap).

Salomé’s Event – Aftermath

Recap of Salomé’s event, this 29th of April 3303.
Finally some light on the current stories in-game!

The Outpost #55

The Outpost, your weekly shot of Elite: Dangerous!
Thargoids, Guardians, Expedition and 2.2.03!

First Contact With an Alien Ship

Have a look at what we know about the aliens ships so far!