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The Fleet Carrier Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Discover the Fleet Carrier, your very personal megaship offering a host of services for your pilot and other commanders.
Manage your different services, crew and adapt your Fleet Carrier to your specialization!

Focus – The Shield Generator

Second article from our editor Lestin!
If you love theorycrafting and equipment, follow the guide: Shield Generators mechanics.

Focus – The Damage

It is easy to use a weapon and to shoot but, do you know the mechanics behind these “damage”?
A guide for beginners and veterans.

Power management and priorities

Power Management is one of the most important thing to master, for any pilot.
Do not get a surprise deactivated module anymore!

Discounts – Ships & Outfits

Check out the Ships and Outfits discounts in-game!
Omagad, broken prices!