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The Lavecon 2017 has just begun this week-end (#Lavecon2017) and many Frontier developers have joined this event entirely handled by Elite: Dangerous players. The event aims to bring together the community, to play Elite and also board games, Larp, Cosplay, Lan, tournaments,… a lot of  fun!

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Some information about the Update 2.4 have been shared during the event. Let’s do a recap o7


Details – Lavecon, 2.4 information

  • Discussions about Thargoids, nothing new, we summed-up everything here: 2.4 The Return and Truth & Fiction.
  • New weapons and modules could be used against Thargoids.
  • The Thargons, Thargoids drones, are indeed the scouting ships that we are currently encountering in-game.
  • Hull Repair Limpets will be added in 2.4, and we will be able to synthesise our own limpets.
  • Inbox enhancements, new filters, and a better UI.
  • We will no longer be able to sell Rescue pods (cryogenic pods) at the market, but the latter can be saved using the new Search & Rescue option. Your work will be rewarded, though. Wreck and debris zones will be improved.
  • It will no longer be possible to self-destruct with a Sidewinder in order to loose the bounties on your head.
  •  If you attack another player, you will have a Pilot’s Federation Bounty on your head, added to the usual bounties. More details to come.
  • We will be able to rebuy our ship and pay our fines by selling our other ships in distant hangars.