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Using vocal commands & Scripting

Enhance your gaming experience by using voice recognition software, as well as immersive voice packs!
Voice Attack presentation guide, HCS VoicePacks and their alternatives.

The AX Combat Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Learn AX Combat strategies to effectively defend the systems assaulted by the Thargoids.
Beware of Xenos, commanders!

Roleplaying in Elite: Dangerous

Enhance your Elite: Dangerous experience, join a Roleplaying community!
Build and develop your character and make your gaming experience unique.

The Passengers Carrier Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Check out our detailed guide: all about Passengers Transport Missions!
Are we there yeeet? And nooow? Whennn?!

Unlocking the Technologies from the Tech Brokers

Unlock powerful technologies with the Tech Brokers: new weapons & unique modules!
These hybrid technologies Human-Guardian-Thargoids are worth your time.

Focus – The Shield Generator

Second article from our editor Lestin!
If you love theorycrafting and equipment, follow the guide: Shield Generators mechanics.