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Future of Elite and Holo-Me

With the September Update, some changes have been added to the Holo-me’s scenery.
Let’s also discuss the future of Elite: Dangerous!

Update – September 2019

The September Update will bring new tutorials, the ARX currency and fixes to the game.
Elite: Dangerous will be unavailable from 8am UTC to 5pm UTC approximately, this 18 September 2019.

Annual Results – Frontier Developments 2019

Frontier Developments has released its annual report for fiscal year 2019.
Hello FY 2020!

Fleet Carriers – First Technical Details

Frontier Dev just shared the first technical details about the Fleet Carriers!
Scheduled for December 2019, you will be able to command your own fleet!

The Powerplay Guide – Elite: Dangerous

Learn the Powerplay strategies and pledge allegiance to a Power to become its guardian!
Finance, Fighting, Secret Operations, Humanitarian Aid: Are you doing your part, pilot?

Interstellar Initiative #2 – The mysteries of the Witch Head

The Interstellar Initiative #2, Phase 2, leads us to the Witch Head nebula.
Meta-alloys, Thargoids and precious information to gather soon!