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WARNING, this guide isn’t up to date, read it [here] in English!

This Tuesday February 27, shortly after the Update 3.0, the scientists-pilots rushed in-game to look for possible additions to the Lore… I also went on-site right at the opening of the servers, and I find something quite breathtaking: A large “Guardian base”, always displayed on our scanner at 1000LS maximum.
I headed to COL 173 Sector HR-M B23-3, second star, and I found the Structure via my left panel.


Even though we do not yet know exactly what this place means, there are many things to be found here: Guardian Data Materials, towers containing Manufactured materials, strange small pylons radiating energy, inactive and active obelisks, towers containing Ancient Relics, a Guardian Tech Console that you need to activate with a sequence… and… small drones: the Guardian Sentinels.

This could again be a Guardians data storage structure. The base, and the surrounding Sentinels do not respond to Thargoids technologies, however, rare obelisks require certain Thargoids amenities to be activated, such as a Probe and a Sensor.


You don’t need any specific preparation for these structures, all you need is an SRV and enough materials to synthesize into some ammunition and fuel on-site; You will have to defend against several Sentinels. You will also need an Ancient Relic for the final activation of the site, but you can find it there.

Some discovered Guardians bases:

  1. COL 173 Sector HR-M B23-3 || Active, discovered with some analysis of the trailer Chronicle: Deal
  2. Synuefe EU-Q c21-10 || Active
  3. HD 63154 || Active
  4. Col 173 Secteur QU-O d6-25 || Inactive

→ List of Structures

Approach the site and then process with the following steps, with my own advice:

  • Start by retrieving all the materials and data you can find at various points of this Guardian structure.
  • Also collect an Ancient Relic on a tower.
  • This done, approach the Guardian console. Come closer again. Stop! Two pylons come out of the ground, what have you done?! Phew, that’s normal.
  • Shoot the electric blue ball from both pylons until they activate and produce a beautiful sound.
  • You can now activate the other four pylons in the same way, but be careful because the Sentinels will defend the site! Destroy, loot.
  • The Sentinels will now appear in different places of the sites. They have three different attacks:
    • Shots – A wave of energy touches you and pushes you away. Remember to put all your pips points into Shields! Each shot has a repulsive effect.
    • Missiles – They shoot two for each surrounding targets, even if your ship is far away. Shields and parking brakes to avoid flying to other skies!
    • Tail Whip – Err… the Sentinel gains strength and decreases the attacker’s defense?
  • Congratulations, you have activated the six pylons of the site: go to the console and note the triangle on the ground in front of it.
  • Instructions are clear: stuck Ancient Relic inside it. Nothing else.
  • WOOOOOOOOOW, the console activates and a Guardian sphere comes out! Do not forget to scan it as it provides you with a very interesting piece of technology (material). These data can rarely be found on active obelisks.
  • Well done Sherlock, now, start over with a reset of the instance because you will need a lot of these data.


All these data are of interest to the engineer Ram Tah. We have to bring him some back to Phoenix Base, Meene system.

Throughout our human civilization, you will find new services including Technology Brokers. These are available in Thargoids or Guardian Technologies depending on their type (one type at a time). Here are listed the Guardians Technologies, available via these Tech Brokers – Guardians:

  • Guardian Power Plant || Consumes fuel to power your modules and generates more power than human generators. The module is very heavy and also generates more heat.
    • Modules x4 // Guardian Structure
    • Power Conduit x36 // Guardian Structure
    • Pattern Epsilon Obelisk x42 // Ancient Site’s Data
    • Heat Resistant Ceramics x30 // Warning, it is no longer in game normally, use the materials trader. (Added again? Transport Ships)
    • Energy Grid x10 // BD-15 447 – Good Enterprise
  • Guardian Plasma Charger || Plasma is controlled to inflict the desired amount of damage. The longer you hold the shot, the more the weapon will load before releasing a big shot of Plasma. 70 damage per shot.
    • Weapons x8 // Guardian Structure
    • Power Conduit x38 // Guardian Structure
    • Sentinels Weapons x34 // Guardian Structure
    • Chromium x28 // Materials to farm
    • Micro-weave Cooling Hoses x12 // It is a commodity that you can collect through missions. Try High Pop Industrial Systems.
  • Guardian Gauss Cannon || A precise shot causing heavy damage to targets. Major penetration, a kind of human Rail Gun more powerful but consuming much more energy. The weapon must be loaded before being fired. 85 damage when loaded to the maximum.
    • Weapons x4 // Guardian Structure
    • Power Cell x36 // Guardian Structure
    • Technology x42 // Guardian Structure
    • Manganese x30 // Materials to farm
    • Magnet Emitter Coil x10 // Haritana – Lorrah Station (Medium pad)


Do not forget the Materials Traders:

  • Raw (elements) Materials Trader – Found at extraction and refinery economie.
  • Manufactured Materials Trader – Found at industrial economies.
  • Encoded (data) Materials Trader – Found at High Tech and Military economies.






Thank you for some nice images additions: Filzar Geynep, Jurema, Ecthelion