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Update 3.3

Elite: Dangerous, Beta 3.3: Chapter 4 Beyond.
Exploration, Cartography, Lights & Colours, Codex, enhancement UI, BGS, Scenarios and more!

Details, Content and Livestream Chapter 4 Beyond

Check out the Elite: Dangerous Beyond Chapter 4 preparation plans, beta on October 30th!
Contents, Livestreams, Trailer and details not to be missed.

Update 3.2

Frontier Developments presents the next Update coming this August 28: Chapter 3 Beyond!
New stories, Guardians tech, new ships, hybrid Guardians/Humans fighters and more crispy additions!

Update 3.1

Frontier Developments presents the next content update: Beyond Chapter 2, coming on June the 28th!
Prepare for more Thargoids and learn new stories about the Guardians.

Update 3.0 Beta

The Patch Notes Beta 3.0 is available.
You will soon be able to play the beta 3.0 and raise your feedback to the developers!

EVERYTHING about Beyond Chapter 1

Discover EVERYTHING you need to know about the upcoming Update 3.0: Beyond Chapter 1
This article will be regularly updated