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The Elite: Dangerous Update Beyond “Chapitre 4” BETA is now available to all PC players, this October 30th!

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  • Discovery Scanner upgraded to include access to the new Full Spectral System (FSS) scanner mode
    • Players use the FSS Mode to discover stellar bodies, stellar phenomenon, USSs, scenarios, distress calls, mission targets and more
    • There is now only one Discovery Scanner available in game, that is based on the basic variant. Commanders that have purchased either the intermediate or advanced scanners will receive a credit refund
  • Detailed Surface Scanner upgraded to include access to brand new planet probes
    • Players can fire probes at bodies to gather data that can be sold.
    • Players can also use these probes to pinpoint places of interest on landable planets as well as uncover lucrative places in planetary rings to mine (mining tools will be available at a later Beta release)
    • Each body has a “probe efficiency” target; if the player maps 100% of the body using either the same or less than the target, they are awarded a bonus
  • Added “First Mapped By” tag – the first commander to 100% map a stellar body and sell the data at a port will be named for everyone to see
    • Players will be unable to map Sol, Achenar or Alioth as these systems are already fully mapped
  • A credit bonus will be awarded for players that get either 100% first discovered or 100% first mapped in a system
  • Added new things to find!
  • Orrery view added – players can access the schematic orrery view of systems from the system map

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  • Codex added to the ship’s internal (right hand) panel. The Codex contains:
    • Commander Stats
      • Logs important player statistics
      • Session Log records important game events for players review
      • Archive holds all text and audio logs taken from the numerous narratives from across the galaxy
      • Audio logs can be added to the improved Playlist feature
    • Discoveries
      • Contains either rumored, reported or discovered entries from across the 42 different galactic regions
      • Discoveries are broken down in to 3 categories (Stellar Bodies, Biological and Geological, and Civilisations)
    • Knowledge base
      • Various articles from the rich history and lore of the Elite universe, from the history of the Super Powers, to important characters and corporations
      • Each article is narrated and can be added to the improved Playlist feature


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Simulation en Arrière-Plan

  • Factions can now be in multiple states within each system that they are present
  • Economic and Security status added
  • War, Civil War and Election states are now a 7 day conflict, where players engage in activities (such as winning conflict zones in War and Civil War states) and attempt to beat their opponents
  • Added a new ‘Happiness’ level for each faction, that is a combination of various states and influence. Happiness also plays into the Expansion state
  • Civil Liberty state added (part of the Security Status)
  • Added more information to the status tab in the right hand cockpit panel to help players manage/support factions

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Scénarios et Structures

  • Added new scenarios with voice over direction and feedback, and on screen choices and objectives
  • Scenarios come in the form of USSs, Megaship locations and Conflict Zones
  • Conflict zones are now round based; players battle to win a round which then feeds into the war state
  • Side objectives can appear, and if the player completes them, they are awarded a points boost
  • Once a round has finished, a new one will begin after a short pause
  • Combat specific ambient chatter added.
  • Ambient chatter now is now in place throughout the entire game and not just around stations.
  • 3000 + lines of NPC dialogue added to support scenario driven gameplay.
  • Added new megaships and installations
  • Applicable megaships will move location, on a weekly tick

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Éclairage & Visuels

  • Added new lighting model, using dynamic exposure
  • Colour grading applied to various situations in the game, improving the look and feel of the game world
  • Added a new ‘Night Vision’ mode to Ships, Fighters and SRVs, to allow players to navigate dark sides of planets, rings and other areas of the game

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Interface utilisateur, Cockpit

  • Starport contacts now displayed as a grid, rather than a flat list
  • External Ship panel (left hand side)
    • Combined ‘clear filters’ option with the ‘set filters’ option on the Navigation panel
    • Added filters to the Transaction tab
    • Added context sensitive, quick action button to contacts (such as ‘Request Docking’ when targeting a port)
    • Combined sub-targets and inventory into one tab, with filters
  • Comms Panel (top left)
    • Reordered the tabs
    • Added support for combining channels in to one main chat channel, or set them as separate tabs
    • Combined invitations and multicrew tabs together in to a ‘Social’ tab which includes:
      • Multicrew (find crew, join a ship)
      • Friends invites
      • Wing invites
      • Online friends
    • Squadron feed tab added
    • Internal Panel (right hand side)
      • Added a new ‘Home’ tab that replaces the previous status tab
        • Includes new buttons to launch various features (holo-me, squadrons, codex, powers, Galnet etc)
      • Replaced fire groups “1, 2, 3…” with “A, B, C…” to avoid confusion between group and fire buttons
      • Added new contextual ‘Ship’ tab that replaces the ‘Functions’ tab and includes sections for ‘Ship Preferences’, ‘Pilot Preferences’ and ‘Ship Stats’
      • Inventory tab now has icon filters instead of text filters, increasing usable screen space
      • Updated ‘Status’ tab to now include local faction information, Super Power and Powerplay status, a Session Log digest, info on Finances and acquired Permits
      • Playlist tab functionality increased to allow players to build up a playlist from other areas of the game

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Communications & Amis

  • Players can now filter and sort their friends list and private groups they are part of
  • New star system wide text chat now available

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  • Added “Wavescanner Autoducking” option. Disable this to hear the SRV wavescanner more clearly at high speeds
  • Added 5 free localised COVAS packs:
    • French
    • German
    • Russian
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Spanish

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