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Update 2.4 – The Return

Check out the release notes – Update 2.4, The Return!
Details and presentation

Update 2.4 – The Return

The Patch Notes 2.4 Closed Beta are available.
Get ready for the next update: Navigation, Holo-Me addition, new modules and mysterious content!

Update (beta) 2.3 Commanders

The 2.3 Beta patch notes are available.
Play the next update now, and send your feedback to the developers!

2.3 Commanders – Multicrew and various features

I summarised for you all the information from the Live Elite: Dangerous, February 16th.
Multicrew, features and other bit of information on the upcoming 2.3 update!

2.3 Commanders – Pilots Creations and various features

I have summarized for you all the information from the Elite: Dangerous Live, February 14th.
Holo-Me, Sweet & Vanity cams, Dolphin and Mega-ship!

EVERYTHING about Commanders

Discover EVERYTHING you need to know about the upcoming Update 2.3: Commanders.
This article will be regularly updated