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2.3 Commanders – Pilots Creations and various features

I have summarized for you all the information from the Elite: Dangerous Live, February 14th.
Holo-Me, Sweet & Vanity cams, Dolphin and Mega-ship!

Dev Q/A Summary – 17/01

Q/A summary with developer Dav Stott: Background simulation and instances!

24h Live, Elite: Dangerous and Special Effect

Wrap-up of every bit of information we are gathering about the 24h live with Edward Lewis and Frontier Developments’ guests.
Support Special Effect !

Dev Q/A Summary – 13/12

Q/A summary about Missions: with the developers Adam Bourke-Waite and Dominic Corner.

Dev Q/A Summary – 06/12

Take a look at what’s coming in the update 2.2.03, thanks to Sandro, Mark and Edward.