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Edward and Bo are broadcasting live for 24h today, on Monday 19th of December, in order to support Special Effect ! The latter are helping persons with disabilities to access technologies, games and communication. We recently discussed about them on The Outpost #52.

Today, we’re going to focus on Edward Lewis and the Elite: Dangerous livestream in order to gather as much information as possible. Numerous guests are coming to discuss about the game during the live.

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First of all, the livestream will be ongoing for 24h, I will regularly update this article.

Here are the information gathered from the livestream:

  • Atmospheric planets and Space legs – There are a lot of things they would like to do. It’s quite easy to animate a character, however it is relatively more complex to give it a context and rich content. It will not be coming shortly, but don’t hold your breath, there are plenty of amazing things to come first!
  • Alliance – The Alliance might get Military Ranks in the future.
  • Alliance – Yes, Alliance Love is coming. Not shortly though.
  • Multicrew – The Multicrew will be enabled with small ships as well, like the Cobra MkIII, however it is funnier in bigger ships… as they have a lot of guns! *wink*
  • Multicrew – David Braben saw a Multicrew Python and it is impressive.
  • Stations – Stations in asteroids is confirmed.
  • Ships – New ships are coming (Added to the Dolphin and Panther Clipper maybe)
  • Ships – Specific ships for the Alliance? There are plenty of independent ships created in the Alliance’s shipyards. We could consider them as Alliance ships.