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Q/R Beyond Squadron – Adam Bourke-Waite – 10/05/18

Adam Bourke-Waite, recently joined an official Elite: Dangerous livestream about Beyond Squadron.
Check out our recap for more crispy details!

Q/A Beyond – Sandro Sammarco – 08/02/18

Sandro Sammarco answered a long list of questions regarding the upcoming Beyond series of updates
Check out some selected Questions/Answers about Elite: Dangerous!

Frontier Expo 2017 – Elite: Dangerous

Sneak peek about the future of Elite: Dangerous in 3304: Beyond.
The Frontier Expo 2017 revealed some bits of content.

Thargoids Live Recap : Retaliation

The Thargoids will return this September 26th. Pilots, be ready!
Quick recap of the 2.4 Thargoids Lore with Ed and Sandro.

FAQ PlayStation 4 Elite: Dangerous

The PlayStation 4 players will disembark in a few days for an Elite: Dangerous adventure!
It’s time to support you with some more Q/A before Launch.

2.3 Commanders – Multicrew and various features

I summarised for you all the information from the Live Elite: Dangerous, February 16th.
Multicrew, features and other bit of information on the upcoming 2.3 update!