Thargoids Live Recap : Retaliation

Nicou   0   Thargoids 14 September 2017

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The Live with Edward Lewis, Senior Community Manager, and Sandro Sammarco, Lead Designer, has just finished. It’s time to summarize the information that has been highlighted during this short but very exciting event!

The recap:

  • The release of the update 2.4 The Return is scheduled for Tuesday 26 September.
  • Patch Notes Update 2.4 beta // Repair Drones, 20.000 LY route plotting, New Synthesis recipes, Pilots’ Federation Bounties, Improved Inbox, …
  • Arms Race, human side. The Thargoids know everything about us and our weaknesses now that they have been studying us for years. We have everything to learn about them.
  • 2.4 will not only be about combat against the Thargoids. Other alternatives will be available as the story develops: all the 2.4’s content will not be available on D-Day, it will be unveiled gradually.
  • The Keelback will surely have an additional seat for the Multicrew.
  • The Frontier Expo, on October 7th, will show off a lot of things! Apparently an overhaul of the Engineers system is being prepared, particularly to reduce its randomness.
  • New weapons, new modules are to be expected.
  • The Panther Clipper is not the Type 10 Defender, it is really cool. Nothing to add
  • The Thargons, Thargoids’ drones, are confirmed.
  • There are several types of Thargoids vessels. We have spotted the Thargoid interceptor “Cyclop”. It bears the symbol of the barnacles.
  • Learn more about the Lore of Elite.


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