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The first official Update for Elite: Dangerous Beyond “Chapitre 4”, long time no see! 🙂
The servers will be offline from 9:45am to ~10:45am UTC.




  • Fixed instances of Notable Stellar Phenomenon not being able to be scanned
  • Fixed various biological sites not scanning correctly
  • Updated ‘% System Bodies Mapped’ to ‘% System Bodies Discovered’ in the FSS mode for clarity
  • Fixed issue that caused planets Lagrange and Alpha Centauri to not be able to be scanned
  • Fixed issue where the motion/speed indicators were still visible whilst in FSS mode

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  • Removed archive entries that have neither audio nor text log
  • Fixed a bug causing archives to have a blank title and text
  • Added archive entries for some crashed ship logs

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Background Simulation

  • Balancing changes to the way that states automatically impact influence, economy, and security
  • Balancing is ongoing

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  • Opening the galaxy map from a mission auto centers on the target system
  • Fixed ‘Naval Strike’ mission not being able to be completed
  • Fixed missing targets for follow up Assassination missions
  • Fixed templates for collect mission templates which were able to request items that were not legal at the mission giver’s market.
  • USS: Closed an exploit that allowed players to repeatedly farm High Grade Emissions by jumping in and out of the same USS.

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Squadrons, Communications & Friends

  • Re-implemented ability to use physical keyboards on PS4 to enter text in comms channels without needing to use the software keyboard
  • Stop allowing the same button to be bound to HUD switch and open Galaxy map, which was causing conflicts
  • Fixed ‘target my wingman’s target’ binding not working

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  • Fixed missing UI when mining in a wing
  • Fixed issues that caused the seismic charge launcher reticule to not show the correct charge level when selecting a target and charging the weapon
  • Fixed UI staying visible after detonation of a motherlode if watched through the vanity camera
  • Fixed visual issue where the ship cockpit glass would render on top of the motherlode fog
  • Fixed some occurrences where surface deposits couldn’t be mined
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t scoop material chunks with the Python

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  • Fixed issue where previous ship name would appear in new ship or deployed SRV
  • Increased ship storage to 40 ships per port

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  • Fixed issue where leaving a Conflict Zone and rejoining it could lead to players not being able to choose a side to fight for.
  • Fix an issue where conflict zones were being placed around the same body too much
  • Fixed an issue when faction conflict states would sometimes not display on the galaxy map
  • Numerous crashes fixed
  • Fixed issue where bounties could be claimed anywhere
  • Fixed various missing strings and corrupted characters in non-English languages in the Codex
  • Fixed various typos in the Codex
  • Fixed various typos in Squadron screens
  • Fixed typo in the ‘shared trade profit’ message when in trading in Wings
  • Fixed various pronunciation mistakes in the Codex knowledge base for non-English languages
  • Player Journal
    • SquadronStartup event
    • ProspectedAsteroid event
    • ReservoirReplenished event
    • Include station info in Location event, if starting when docked
    • Status.json: more detail on fuel level
    • Status.json: fix GuiFocus value when viewing Codex
    • CodexEntry: fix SystemAddress
  • Ice planet rocks now generate again
  • Fixed an issue where player location would no longer show in friends and private groups.
  • Fixed an issue when faction conflict states would sometimes not display on the galaxy map
  • Fix list of systems in Thargoid states would appear all on the same line in GalNet
  • Fix localisation issues in Engineer progress news article
  • Various performance & scalability fixes
  • Fix an issue where conflict zones were being placed around the same body too much
  • Fixed a date issue with the website’s GalNet news feed
  • Fixed pulse wave scanner effects not rendering correctly

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