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Hey pilots!
I have compiled the most recent news for Elite: Dangerous, the details you don’t want to miss: “The Outpost #113”!

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Frontier News

Elite Dangerous, recent news

After Frontier Developments‘ recent communications about the future of Elite: Dangerous, here are some information I have gleaned for you, here and there, that will help you learn more about the game’s news.

Summary of the recent news:

  • The improved ice planets as well as the Squadron Fleet Carriers will still be added in-game, on a later date. It has not been removed from the developments plans, however no date has been given for the moment.
  • Numerous updates are planned for this year 2019, on a regular basis: each three to four months. These updates will primarily focus on new players and a better early game experience as well as improvements “Quality of Life” for all + many bugfixes. In the coming weeks (let’s say late March / early April), they will share the content of this update.
  • Since Thursday, March 14th, the Community Goals have been removed from the game for several weeks. This feature will soon be updated to an enhanced version, that better reflects the events appearing in-game. The goal is to create something continuous, engaging and to push the concept further. With this upcoming update, there will also be new scenarios, reputation and reward boosts (such as Superpower reputation increases), BGS and global galactic changes, in-game interactions, new game assets and much more to make game-wide events that tie into the game world. More details soon, but I feel like these will be the content of 2019’s first update.
  • New Frontier Developments forums coming soon.
  • New Bug Reportssystem coming soon. It will be a dedicated web page and players will be able to vote the bugs they also experience, in order to raise the most important bugs for the community at the top of that list.
  • Powerplay is always something that developers would like to change and improve. They have already recovered a lot of data and feedback from players via the forums.
  • You’ve certainly heard some news from Drew Wagar, about “Raxxla being in the game”; But we know that information for many years now, nothing new about it despite the complex researches led by the community. Drew Wagar will be present at the Lavecon event, early in July, to sell his books; So he’s showing that he is still active. This explains that, no offense.
  • A new game whose universe was created by Frontier will be launched at the end of 2019 probably. Another license was also purchased by Frontier to create a game that will be released in 2021, just as it was made for Jurassic World Evolution last year.

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Pics of the Week

Feel free to send me your prettiest images and videos via Twitter, Discord or directly in the comments!
Check out the wonderful pictures from DanielFinney, Madaxo, Buur, Perzeid adeed to three marvelous paintings from Tweetlejude, and a new creation from ToCoSo. I’ve also added the progress made to the station the Distant World 2 Expedition is building near Sagittarius A*. Images courtesy of Crua.

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Videos of the Week

Thanks to this week’s amazing creators: TheYamiks, DigThat32, Plater, D2EA, MINI, Spatula, Ghost Giraffe, Rickk Murray, ToCoSo, Radjart et l’équipe de Sagittarius Eye

Sagittarius Eye – ISSUE 19, March 3305

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