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Sharing the official PS4 Post-livestream FAQ.

Any question let me know, I’ll try my best to help you. Lloyd and Edward also led a Livestream PS4 and Q/A earlier this week.

Will updates be released in parallel with PC or will they be slightly delayed from PC to Console?
Updates for PS4 will be in sync with the PC, just like they already are on XB1.

Any demo-gameplay of ED on PS4?
There will be no gameplay demos for Elite Dangerous on PS4.

What locales/languages will be supported?
Will match the supported languages on PC and Xbox.

Any subscriptions planned for ED on PS4?
There are no subscriptions planned, although PS Plus is needed for Online gameplay. You can still play the game in Solo without PS Plus.

Will PS4 have an ingame shop like the PC version for cosmetic items?
Yes, the Frontier Store will be present. You can access it through Outfitting or on the main menu.

Support for ship names?
Absolutely – this is the same as in the PC and Xbox versions of the game.

Thargoids in PS4 version?
Thargoids have returned… to all platforms.

List of all supported HOTAS?
We support the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 4 – whether you’re flying or driving, you can use the HOTAS.

When will the servers be up and running?
The current plan for this is to allow commanders to start the game, link their PSN account to their Frontier account and play the Training Missions from midnight on June 27. We’ll know an exact time for the servers closer to release. Keep an eye on our forums for more information on this.
Is there a CG planned for PS4 launch week, and will it be easily accessible to new CMDRs in their starting Sidewinders?
There is a CG planned for launch week and we have made sure that it is accessible to new commanders and starts after the PS4 goes live so everyone can join in.

Will private groups be available from launch?
Yes, they will work in a similar way to other platforms.

Will PS4 players receive some exclusive/free decals?
We currently don’t have any plans for this, but you can access the same free decals that are available on other platforms.

Will PS4 players be able to get — now or in the future — the Cobra Mk4?
We don’t have anything to announce at launch regarding the Cobra Mk4 however we are aware of the interest in it and how many people want it.

Will Frontier be limiting Commanders in the same instance? If so, what is the maximum number of players that could inhabit the same instance?
Instances on PS4 work in the same way as other platforms.

Can we expect a similar level of graphical detail on base PS4 than it is available on Xbox One?
Yes, the two are very similar in terms of performance and appearance.

Will PS4 Pro have options to “favour performance” (i.e. FPS) or “favour resolution”?
The PS4 Pro will have an option to choose between Performance/Quality. Performance means the game runs as smoothly as possible, Quality means it looks as good as possible but runs slightly slower than Performance. Both options on the Pro are smoother than the regular PS4 experience.

Will there be an option to activate or deactivate Vertical Sync in order to either increase FPS or minimise screen tearing?
Not at launch, no.
Will there be an adjustable FOV slider (for either version)?
Yes! There is an adjustable FOV slider in the options menu.
Will PS4 Pro support 4K? And if outputting to a 1080p display, will there be supersampling? Are there going to be options to enable or disable it?
No 4k or supersampling support on PS4 Pro for launch. As listed above the PS4 Pro options are “Performance & Quality” settings.

Will either or both PS4 and PS4 Pro support HDR?
We currently don’t support HDR on either console.

Will the game support Surround Sound 7.1 and/or 3D sound? (for use with the Sony Platinum Headset, for ex.)
We support 7.1 surround sound currently.

Is PSVR coming?
We have nothing further to announce on PSVR.

Do we get full button remapping for HOTAS? (including deadzone customisation, inverted and hold toggles etc)
You get the same button re-mapping as on the Dualshock 4, so buttons can be re-assigned.

What about other Thrustmaster products support? e.g. Warthog
We are supporting the T-Flight HOTAS 4 for launch; this is an officially licensed PlayStation device so will provide you with the best possible HOTAS experience for PS4.

What about other manufacturers? e.g. Saitek / Logitech
Currently nothing further to announce, the HOTAS 4 will be the supported HOTAS at launch.

Will the Thrustmaster HOTAS and the DS4 be usable at the same time?
The Dualshock 4 can’t be used for gameplay at the same time as the T-Flight HOTAS system but it can be used for system functions.

Will PS4 users have access to the entire Elite Store of ship kits, paint jobs, bobbleheads etc. or is there an additional level of Sony accreditation for each store item that could lead to us potentially ending up with a sub-set of the full store?
Users will have access to the Frontier Store like on other platforms. The flow is the same as on Xbox.

Will you implement PSN “players met”?
This won’t be available at launch but it’s something we are aware of.

Is voice chat available in-game, or is it PS4 party chat only? And in either case, will we be able to toggle between broadcasting to local space and talking to wing members in private?
Voice chat is available in-game or you can use a PS4 Party to chat to a specific group of people if you wish.

Will you allow PSN level player blocking to block users in Elite (including them resetting their CMDR account in-game, and PSN sub-accounts, ie inheritance from PSN master account)
Selecting to block a Commander will bring up the PlayStation block player interface, so all blocking is done via the PSN ID of the user.

Will multi-crew joining from PSN Party groups and “games in progress” be possible?
Multi-crew can either be joined via in-game matchmaking or by invite.

Will you allow 100% trophy completion in solo?
Trophies will require some online play, however we have taken into consideration how much online play is required to achieve the Trophies. The Platinum can be achieved using Season 1 content only.

Will there be any use for second screen? For ex. will the player chat movable to the 2nd Screen (PS Vita or PS App).
Not currently no. You can play with remote play on Vita.

Will head tracking through Playstation Camera work?
There is no support for the camera for head tracking, or any other features.

A clarification about keyboards: will keyboards be supported? If so to what extent? Will it only be usable for the chat window or can we add key bindings?
Keyboards are supported for the chat window, most should be plug and play on the console. They cannot be re-bound. They can’t be used for gameplay, but they can be used to type in system names in the galaxy map, enter your ship name, and type in the chat.

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